Biennial Convention

Sunday 8 May 2005

Pre-Dinner Drinks

Welcome Dinner
Catherine Baldwin

Guest Speaker

John Tanzer

Monday 9 May 2005


Adam Spencer
Andrew C Gale

Plenary 1

Corporate Sustainability
Chris Caton, Michael Wilkins, Steve Taylor-Gooby

Chair and Presenter Briefing

Concurrent 1

Resilience Reserve Task Taskforce Draft Recommendation
Anthony Ahser, Colin Grenfell, Anton Kapel, Martin Piano, Ken Ragell, Michael Sherris, Jame Wang
Presentation Paper

A Practitioner's Guide to the Advanced Measurement Approach to Operational Risk Under Base III

What Price Health? Private Health Insurance Product Pricing and Coast Pressures
Andrew Gale
Presentation Paper

Australian Investment Performance 1960-2005 (and Investment Assumptions for Stochastic Models)
Colin Grenfell
Presentation Paper

A Generalised Theory of Investment Risk With Application to Absolute Return Funds,
Asset Allocation and Sustainability of Defined Benefits Fund

Lez Balzer, Luck Hartmann

Concurrent 2

Solvency Measurement and Capital Management for Insurance
Helen Martin, David Rush

Evaluating Wealth Management Businesses – An Investor's Perspective
Mark Stewart, Anton Kapel
Presentation Paper

Contemporary Issues – Risk Management

Educating Professionals – Can You Teach Judgment?

Modelling Risk – Right Plan + Wrong Doing = Wrong Answer
Jules Gribble, Sean McGing
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 3

Managing an Australian Life Insurance/Wealth Manager in an IFRS Enviroment
Caroline Bennet, Scott Mitchell
Presentation Paper

Don't Breath the Air – US Development in Absolutos and Silica
Raewin Davis, Jack Jiang, Rosi Winn

Initial Finding of Taskforce on the Positioning of the Actuarial Profession in Banking, Finance and Investments
Greg Vaughan, Alex Stitt

Valuing Ecosystem Goods and Services
Naomi Edwards, Jill Green
Presentation Paper

Substandard Lives / Experience Investigations, Genetics and Other Issues Update from LRIC
Leonie Tickle

Tournament of the Minds

Adam Spencer

Tuesday 10 May 2005

Convention Highlights

Adam Spencer

Plenary 2

Sustainable Futures
Barney Foran, Ronnie Lim, Paul Gilding

Concurrent 4

The Growing Need for Effective Operational Risk Management for Wealth Management Companies
Robert Daly, Dion Russelll
Presentation Paper

Contemporary Issues in Superannuation Choice of Fund and Fee Disclose Comparing Apples to Oranges
Steve Schubert, Andrew Boal, Phil Collins, Diane Somerville

Environmental Finance – The Risk of Environmental Markets and Opportunities for Actuaries
Elayne Grace, Stewart McCarthy
Presentation Paper

Extending the Lee-Carter Method of Mortality Projection & Application to Australian Mortality Data
Piet de Jong, Leonie Tickle
Presentation Paper

Contemporary Issues – Private Health Insurance
Andrew Gale, Ben Ooi, David Watson

New Development in Part III Actuarial Education – An Update
Helen Martin, David Service

Concurrent 5

Life Insurance Business – Impact of IFRS and Changes to LIASB Standards

A New Look at Valuation and the Actuarial Profession
Aruna Pavithran
Presentation Paper

Financial Condition Reports in General Insurance – The Latest Steps
Elaine Collins

A Long Term Stochastic Asset Model for Actuarial Use
Felix Sun, David Service
Presentation Paper

New Zealand – A Review of Current Topical Issues
Richard Geisler, Peter Davies
Presentation Paper

The Major Actuarial Challenges – A Partly Idiosyncratic View
Anthony Asher
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 6

IFRS – A Prospective View
Tony Coleman, Greg Martin

Retirement Income Policy Taskforce Report – Adequacy and Integration Issues
Steve Schubert, Cathy Nance

Applying the Actuarial Control Cycle in Private Health Insurance
Ben Ooi
Presentation Paper

Insurance Application of Fuzzy Logic
Arnold F. Shapiro
Presentation Paper

Revision of PS500 – Continuing Professional Development, A Discussion Paper

The Eight Habits of Highly Effective Actuaries
Andrew Brown
Presentation Paper

Gala Dinner

Wednesday 11 May 2005

Concurrent 7

The Code of Conduct Review – Issues, Consideration and Direction
Tim Jenkins
Presentation Paper

Non-Insurance Valuation in Practice
Martin Hall
Presentation Paper

Contemporary Issues – General Insurance
Alan Smee

The Future, According to (The Oracle) Actuaries...
Don Johnstone, James Fitzpatrick, Senthooran Nagaeajan, Siddharth Parameswaran,
Jill Green, Erasus Gerigk

Retirement Income Policy Taskforce Report Intergenerational Issues

The Evolving Role of the Actuary in Health Insurance
Peter Lurie
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 8

Risk Management and Financial Condition Reporting for General Insurance
Steve Somogyi, Robert Thomson

The End of the Transition Period for Life Insurance Tax
Gamille Lagunzad, Paul Swinhoe

Using Actuarial Techniques to Model Media Effectiveness
Adam Driussi
Presentation Paper

Capital Management and Frictional Costs in Insurance
Victor Chandra, Michael Sherris
Presentation Paper

Hurdling or Learning? An Evaluation of the Qualification Process for Actuaries in Australia
John Shepherd

Convention Highlights

Adam Spencer

Plenary 3

Sustainability of the Profession
Chris White, Ian Harrison, Tom Fenton, Jennifer Lang

Closing Remarks

Andrew C Gale, Institute President