Major Events

We host a number of annual and biennial conferences that empower delegates with best practice, innovative market knowledge, updates on local and global trends and other key issues in the industries  actuaries work in.  For upcoming events, please check our calendar.

APAC Ethics & Professionalism Seminar

Tackle local and global issues around professionalism

Join actuaries across the Asia-Pacific Ethics & Professionalism Seminar region to unpack urgent and emerging challenges for ethics and professionalism in the profession.

Deepen ties between APAC actuaries as you work together, benchmark ideas and scenarios, and absorb practical insights you can bring back to work to make a difference. This seminar will be followed by an interactive, virtual Q&A session with all speakers.

This event will provide Actuaries Institute Australia members with their total 5 CPD points required for professionalism training.

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Past Major

All Actuaries Summit 2024 banner

The Actuaries Institute will be hosting the All Actuaries Summit from 1-3 May 2024 on the Gold Coast, both in-person and virtually. For three full days, join actuaries from every practice area across Australia and the world to explore topical industry issues, discuss new advancements in our profession, face future challenges head on, and deep dive into the new technolological possibilities of the future.

Our plenary sessions will examine the big issues – climate, health, data, and the consumer. They’ll draw on visionary thinkers from technology, retail, biosciences, and other broader realms, so you can see the world and its opportunities more vividly. Our concurrent sessions will package up the practical and technical insights that you need to better serve your clients, grow your business, work smarter, and ultimately live better. 

The All Actuaries Summit also offers you the opportunity to earn up to 69 CPD points.

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The Actuaries Institute hosted its first hybrid Injury and Disability Schemes Seminar on 12 – 14 November 2023 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, providing an in-person and virtual experience.

Over two full days, actuaries, scheme administrators, regulators, researchers, injury and disability specialists and service providers throughout Australasia gathered in person to share insights on topical industry issues and future developments.

The International Congress of Actuaries (ICA) has a proud tradition and this year is celebrating its 125th anniversary of the first ever Congress. From Brussels in 1895 to Berlin in 2018, with stops in between everywhere from Tokyo to Cape Town, Cancun to Helsinki, ICA has brought the actuarial profession together.

Given the international nature of this Congress we have, unsurprisingly, been thinking carefully about the impact of COVID-19 on safety, international and national travel, and the practical aspects of bringing our international profession together. While some of our Congress will be available digitally, we are also aware that an important part of the experience is the networking opportunity from meeting in person.

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The Institute is delighted to offer a unique opportunity to hear from Michelle Levy, Chair of the Treasury's Quality of Advice Review (QUOR) in her first public presentation on the final recommendations of the Review, followed by a Q&A and a plenary debate with leading experts. They’ll discuss whether the Review final recommendations are sufficient, need adjusting, or whether other ideas are required to make financial advice truly affordable and accessible for all Australians. 

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After two years of virtual delivery, the Institute is excited to announce the Young Actuaries Conference (YAC) is returning in 2022 with a hybrid in-person and online event. This is your opportunity to reconnect with your peers, share your ideas and reignite your passion for the profession ahead of the New Year.

Hear from senior actuaries, practice area experts and people with similar life-experience about the topics that impact young actuaries – your career options, your skills and the big business and social themes that will affect your future.

Data professionals love the technology and innovation that underpin the data revolution.

In the 2022 Data Science Seminar, we dive into data and its techniques but also look beyond the science to debate and understand a wider view of data: regulation and professionalism, careers and education, the philosophy and practice of data ethics.

It’s a chance for the data profession to carve a better future for its practitioners and clients.

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Powerful Conversations + Powerful Program = One Mighty Summit

From 2- 4 May 2022, actuaries across Australia came together to enjoy a stacked program in Melbourne and virtually.

This year’s Summit we embraced longer break times, networking drinks, and even a Gala Dinner. 
All designed to make reconnecting with your peers and friends easier than even before.

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The 2022 Future of Health Seminar was held on the 24th of March 2022.

Over the past few years, the health care system has been strained, which is why we need actuaries and health care professionals to design and transform the system so it can remain viable into the future.

At the conference presenters took a deep-dive into transforming healthcare:

  • Healthcare and PHI in the wake of COVID-19;
  • The case for value-based care;
  • Prostheses cost in Australia; and
  • Value from different perspectives. 


Asia-Pacific Ethics and Professionalism Seminar

Your one chance to see leading experts across Asia Pacific discuss the latest emerging topics around ethics affecting the actuarial profession.                                                             

Around the world, actuaries are confronted with emerging ethics and professionalism issues. This includes issues and questions around:

  • data security challenges
  • algorithmic bias in our technology
  • changing expectations around ethical behaviour in our financial sector
  • profitability issues along with pricing and claims outcomes in the life insurance sector.

Supported by Asia Pacific’s top actuarial associations, the Asia-Pacific Ethics and Professionalism Seminar bought together experts with extensive leadership experience in different markets across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

The Actuaries Institute of Australia collaborated with associations across Asia Pacific to bring you a new wide-ranging thought leadership seminar addressing issues of ethics and professionalism.

This seminar brought together members from:

  • Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei
  • Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
  • Actuarial Society of Malaysia
  • Institute of Actuaries of Japan
  • New Zealand Society of Actuaries
  • Singapore Actuarial Society.

The 2021 Young Actuaries Conference (YAC) was held virtually on 7 December 2021.

The theme centred around ‘Navigating Wider Horizons’. A stellar line up of speakers, and networking opportunities with over 170 like-minded peers were provided for delegates, as we spotlight the current and emerging issues relevant to young actuaries.

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The Actuaries Institute hosted the first ever Virtual Injury and Disability Schemes Seminar from 18 – 19 October 2021.

Over two full days, actuaries, scheme administrators, regulators, researchers, injury and disability specialists and service providers throughout Australasia gathered virtually share and gain insights on topical industry issues and future developments. 

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The All-Actuaries Virtual Summit took place virtually and live, Tuesday 27 April to Friday 21 May 2021.  


The 2021 Future of Health Seminar was held virtually for the first time across two afternoons on 23 and 24 March 2021.

The theme ‘the next normal’ encompassed the current and emerging challenges facing the private and public health industries. This was a critical time and with on-going disruptions, actuaries must be ahead of the curve to help create a sustainable future. Both private and public health need to come together on solutions to face these challenges head on. The seminar expanded on these issues by taking a deep dive into;

  • COVID-19
  • PHI Sustainability and Reform
  • Health Outcomes and Data Analytics
  • The Future of the Health Industry 

The 2020 Young Actuaries Conference (YAC) went virtual! Attendees gained insights from experienced industry leaders on hot topics such as: the impact on insurance of COVID-19, the Changing Industry, Emerging Opportunities and Risks, and Career Paths.


For the first time, the flagship event switched to a virtual format. Previously the Summit was to be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the pandemic, this event was rescheduled.


The 2019 Injury and Disability Schemes Seminar was held in Canberra at the boutique QT Hotel.

Over two full days, actuaries, scheme administrators, regulators, researchers, injury and disability specialists and service providers throughout Australasia gathered to share and gain insights on topical industry issues and future developments. The theme Insights and Outcomes is reflective of using data, knowledge and participant insights to drive change and improve outcomes for individuals and effectiveness of the system.


The 2019 Future of Health Seminar was held at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne on Wednesday 23 October, with the theme of ‘Advancing sustainable solutions’.

The theme reflected the rapid advancement and significant research invested to develop emerging health solutions across the board from traditional healthcare providers, to insurers and technology companies. However, Australia’s health system continues to be fragmented without a visible goal or a holistic understanding of what defines good healthcare.

The seminar expanded on all these ideas by exploring:

  • The definition of good healthcare
  • What the distant future could look like
  • What the near future looks like
  • The foundations we need to build right now

A diverse group of panel members including academics, doctors, insurers and more provided a broad perspective in tackling these ideas and driving a sustainable solution.


What does the Royal Commission mean for you as an actuary and what should you do differently in future? As an actuary working in the modern business environment affected by corporate culture, media pressure and societal issues, how can you as a professional effectively deal with ethical dilemmas?

This tour catered for all members working in traditional/ non-traditional roles and management positions, and provided an opportunity to learn from past events and strengthen our profession.

We discussed learnings and case studies from the Royal Commission and shared the perspectives of Royal Commission witnesses and the regulator.

Facilitated by 2019 President Nicolette Rubinsztein, the Tour was combined with the Presidential Tour. Nicolette delivered her Presidential Address and enabled delegates the opportunity to gain insight on the year ahead for the profession.

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How will you respond to community and industry expectations?

The Royal Commission has focused a huge amount of public attention on the financial services industry and community expectations have altered dramatically.

Now is the time for Actuaries to take action, get on the front foot, and ultimately create better outcomes for the community and business. 

At the 2019 Summit, held at the new International Convention Centre in Sydney, on 3-4 June 2019,  the big issues facing our industries were explored, along with potential solutions that addressed community expectations while maintaining the viability of products and services that provide genuine public benefits.

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The next generation of conscious leaders will create a new future.

How do young actuaries – the NEXT GENeration leaders – shape a new future?

The 2019 Young Actuaries Conference brought exclusive insights from experienced industry leaders on hot topics such as: the future of work, the impact of climate change and the recent Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

This half-day event was held live at the Institute’s Sydney office and provided a great networking opportunity for young actuaries to meet experienced members of the profession at the post-event drinks. Group webinar viewing events were arranged for Brisbane and Melbourne, offering networking opportunities for participants based in these locations. Webinar was also available for anyone who couldn't attend in person or those who were located outside of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.


The 2018 General Insurance Seminar was held in Sydney on 12-13 November. More than 230 delegates gathered at the Sofitel for the event that set out to inspire attendees to "Transform the Future" of the industry. Presentations are available here. You can also read event reports (with photos) from the Seminar here:

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The 2018 Data Analytics Seminar was held in Sydney on Monday 31 October. The theme 'Reinvigorating the Usual' reflected the opportunity to be innovative in the data analytics landscape. The Program covered: Analytics transformation; Using LightGBM; Data Governance; Model interpretation and explanation; Staying relevant; and Ground-breaking technologies. Available presentations are here.


The 2018 Future of Health Seminar returned to Sydney on Monday 15 October. The theme ‘In Sickness and in Health’ reflected the emerging shift from managing disease to managing wellness.

In Health, the momentum of change is gathering pace with advances in digital technologies and artificial intelligence. In addition, there is growing recognition that managing health and encouraging protective activity and habits will forestall illness or reduce it’s severity. New models of care are being regularly discussed and road tested.

This poses major challenges for a healthcare system designed in an analogue age, and funded for care of sickness events. Delegates discussed what the future of private health insurance (PHI) will look like, and what the role of actuaries will be in this shift. 

The popular Young Actuaries Conference's second annual event took place on 29 May, 2018.

The half day event in Sydney - also available via webinar with networking events in Melbourne and Brisbane - covered insurance tech disruptors, climate change, mental health, actuarial skills in social welfare, and other fascinating hot topics.

With plenty networking over lunch and drinks, attendees of the YAC left equipped with new perspectives and tools to inspire change in the industries they are working in.

Read the event report (includes videos!).

Natural Selection highlights the changing environment within financial services. You have the choice to either survive or thrive, it's time to take action! The FSF2018 Program covered superannuation, life insurance, banking, data analytics, wealth management and investments.
View our "Ask the Execs" video from the Forum!


Speakers at the CAT Risk Seminar discussed some timely issues around insurance and catastrophe risk. Australia has significant exposure to natural hazards. Achieving the optimal balance between mitigation funding and post event funding, and assessing the appropriate sources and sharing of the necessary funding, involve complex issues. In recent years, improvements in the available data have made it possible to better identify high risk and low risk areas. Whilst this has benefits, it has also led to affordability concerns, with some consumers in high risk areas unable to cover the high costs now being charged by insurers. 

In this context it is appropriate to ask what is the role of different levels of government (Federal, State and Local)? What is the role of insurers? This conference considered these questions and offered views on alternative approaches to the solution of those currently in place.

2017 injury and disability schemes seminar

The 2017 Injury and Disability Schemes Seminar (formerly Injury Schemes Seminar) was held at the Sofitel Brisbane from 12-14 November 2017.  This important event provided a great opportunity for interaction and discussion between actuaries, scheme administrators, regulators, researchers, injury and disability specialists and service providers throughout Australia and Asia.

Climate Fluency Series

In view of the growing interest in this area, the Actuaries Institute in collabaration with the Earth Systems and Climate Change (ESCC) Hub hosted a seminar called Climate Risk Fluency. This was the first in a series of half-day seminars which are intended to bring together staff working in companies’ risk, financial, corporate responsibility and sustainability teams with experts in climate risk science from CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and University research teams.

The first seminar in the series explored the needs of business, and provided an overview of the types of information currently available about the past and future climate, and the techniques available to assess future hazard extremes. 

Data 2017 Microsite Banner

As the data analytics industry thrives, so does the hype around what data analytics can deliver. The 2017 Data Analytics Seminar looked beyond the data science bubble to address how you can utilise data analytics to deliver real value.  The top line-up of speakers highlighted how data analytics is solving real business problems; explored how regulators are using data analytics; provided insights from fields outside financial services; explored the changing education landscape and looked at Insurtechs of the future.


In the current economic and political environment, there are many potential sources of disruption to test the ERM capabilities of our financial institutions. Combining these forces with the rapid pace of technological change means that how we respond to risk is critical. This Seminar aimed to provide useful assistance to ERM practitioners and also included the presentation of the findings of our first CRO survey.

2017 CPD Tour

The 2017 CPD Tour made its way to Wellington on 3 August 2017. The Actuaries Institute was delighted to have General David Morrison AO and 2016 Australian of the Year presenti on Empowering Leadership - feedback from the Sydney and Melbourne events held in March was extremely positive!

GI Glimpse 2017


The GI Glimpse seminar was held Tuesday 1 August at the Actuaries Institute. It covered a wide breadth of the general insurance industry, from exciting developments in new areas of insurance to the changing landscape of long-tail insurance. Along with a range of industry experts who joined our sessions, the seminar offered an excellent opportunity to meet, network and share experiences with peers.


Following the success of the inaugural Future of Health Seminar in 2016, this Seminar was held once again in Melbourne on 8 June 2017. The theme for 2017 was “Finding the right balance” which is a key challenge to building a sustainable health system. This was an invaluable seminar for all health actuaries.

Actuaries Summit

The Actuaries Summit, is the premier event on the Institute's calendar. Formerly known as the Biennial Convention, the Actuaries Summit provides a dynamic forum for discussion and debate covering traditional and emerging areas of the actuarial profession. The Actuaries Summit was held 21 - 23 May 2017.

young actuaries conference

The role of actuaries is undergoing rapid change, is actuarial studies enough to adapt and thrive in the shifting landscape?  What other skills do you need?

At the 2017 Young Actuaries Conference, the focus was on the specific skills you need to adapt and build a successful and purposeful career. Get the edge by listening to exclusive insights from experienced industry leaders.

General Insurance Seminar

The General Insurance Seminar focused on the rapidly evolving issues faced by general insurers, including regulation and legislative changes; medical malpractice; professional indemnity; public liability; industry structure; and specific market segments. The Seminar took place on 13 – 15 November 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

erm seminar - Practical risk management

The Enterprise Risk Management Seminar returned to Sydney on Tuesday 20 September 2016.

In its eighth year, the seminar focused on Practical Risk Management. Speakers looked at the broader risk environment, some of the important roles that risk managers perform, as well as including useful case studies and highlighting new ideas and approaches that can be applied to actuarial roles.

Data Analytics Seminar 2016 - Data is power

DATA ANALYTICS Seminar 2016 – Data is power

The second Data Analytics Seminar was held on 13 September at Institute HQ in Sydney.
The first half of the Seminar provided an update on the current state of play in the market, and recent trends in the data analytics field. Our speakers covered different fields and provided examples of how they are using data.  In the afternoon the focus was more technical; with both some learning around a specific topic and a hands on example which participants worked on in teams.

As Banking regulation continues to evolve in the face of Basel Committee developments, the Financial System Inquiry, and local regulatory interpretation by APRA opportunities abound for Actuaries. This seminar was a chance to improve and update your understanding of Industry, the latest thinking on Bank Capital, and Actuarial Careers in banking from a wide variety of perspectives. The Banking on Capital Seminar was held on 30 August at the Actuaries Institute. 

We are actuaries, but are we influential leaders? Can we prepare ourselves to be the influential leaders of the future?

Actuarial training provides actuaries with a set of outstanding skills that inform business decision-making. While highly respected in the business world, are these skills enough for actuaries to be regarded as influential leaders? 

The 2016 half-day Leadership Development Seminar answered these questions and helped participants to define the key skills of influential leaders, identify the 'gap' in their own skill sets, and provided insights on how other actuaries and professionals bridged the gaps in their career journey to become successful leaders.


The GI Glimpse half-day Seminar provides a glimpse into the future for the actuaries of tomorrow, while firmly anchored in the experiences, ideas and opportunities of the present. The Seminar was held at the Actuaries Institute on 3 August 2016 from 12.00pm to 6.00pm and provided an opportunity for young general insurance actuaries to gain practical insights into the current environment as well as to meet and discuss the experiences, challenges and opportunities that may arise in the future.

Future of Health Seminar

The Future of Health Seminar presented the challenges facing government and institutions in the business of health, case studies, debate and improving the sustainability of Australia's healthcare system; and value proposition of health insurance. The Future of Health Seminar was held on 9 June 2016 at the Sheraton Melbourne.

Financial Services Forum

The Financial Services Forum focused on issues in life insurance and wealth management; superannuation; banking and finance; investments and funds management; and risk management. Delegates discussed and debated strategies to manage risks, capitalise on opportunities and push the boundaries to continue to add value to the actuarial industry. The 8th Financial Services Forum was held 16-17 May 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne.


Managing Extreme Event presents a framework to consider how extreme events can be measured, managed, and mitigated. Managing Extreme Events was held at the Amora Jamison Sydney on 28 April 2016.


The Enterprise Risk Management Seminar explores key issues in developing and embedding ERM within the operation and culture of an organisation and provides a forum for risk management professionals to network and share their knowledge and experience. The Enterprise Risk Management Seminar was held at the Actuaries Institute on 30 November 2015.

Injury Schemes Seminar

Formerly the Accident Compensation Seminar, the Injury Schemes Seminar attracts insurance practitioners, scheme managers and actuaries involved in accident compensation schemes. The new title reflects the changing nature of injury and disability schemes and their shift in focus from compensation to broader health outcomes. 

The 2015 Injury Schemes Seminar- Road to Recovery was held on 8-10 November in Adelaide.


This one-day seminar occurred for the first time on Monday 19 October 2015 at the Actuaries Institute, Sydney. This is a member only event and explores the present and future of data analytics, buzz words, tools and techniques and experiences from Actuaries on their journey.

Banking Seminar 2015 - Banking on Change

The banking industry continues to go through a period of rapid change and increased uncertainty, with the impact of the Financial System Inquiry, regulatory change, the evolving economy and technology transformation adding to this unsettled environment. This one day seminar - Banking On Change - addressed these big topics with discussion from the Big 4 and major industry players. This event was held in Sydney on 16 September 2015.

ASTIN, AFIR/ERM and IACA Colloquia

The 2015 ASTIN, AFIR/ERM and IACA Colloquia of the International Actuarial Association was held in Sydney, Australia, from 23 to 27 August 2015. These colloquias are a joint collaboration of three IAA sections, Actuarial Studies in Non-Life Insurance (ASTIN), the Actuarial Approach for Financial Risks/Enterprise Risk Management (AFIR/ERM) and the International Association of Consulting Actuaries (IACA).


In this increasingly changing, complex and competitive corporate environment, navigating your business can be challenging. This one day General Insurance Seminar: The Changing Face of GI was held on Tuesday 2 June 2015 in Sydney and delved into what these changes mean for General Insurance actuaries, both in terms of evolving traditional roles as well as new strategic opportunities.


Previously, the National CPD Tour provided members in Australia with the opportunity to explore different aspects of leadership, within the framework of a three-hour interactive workshop, followed by networking drinks hosted by the President and CEO. In 2013, the CPD Tour expanded into Asia and 2014 saw the Australasia CPD Tour visit Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne and the New Zealand CPD Tour travel to Auckland and Wellington. The 2015 CPD Roadshow was held in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. The Asia leg took place on 20 - 27 July 2015. A visit to New Zealand then took place in August.

Public Policy Forum

The Public Policy Forum explored why actuaries are helping to develop public policy and provided some real examples of how good public policy can positively impact the economy and society. The Public Policy Forum was held at the Actuaries Institute on 3 November 2014.

Catastrophe Risk Seminar

The inaugural Catastrophe Risk Seminar focused on how the occurrence of floods, cyclones and earthquakes in Australia and New Zealand in recent years have illustrated that many insurers could improve their catastrophe risk governance and catastrophe risk management. The inaugural Catastrophe Risk Seminar was held at the Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney on 3 June 2014.