Strategic Plan

2018-21 Strategic plan

The Institute’s 2018 - 2020 Strategic Plan was approved by Council on 4 December 2017. Components of the Strategic Plan for 2018-2020 were impacted by COVID-19 and Council decided to extend the plan to 2021

 The Plan sets out four strategic goals to support the Institute's aim:

'To build a strong actuarial profession and community across Australia and Asia that is in high demand both now, and in the future, across regulatory and non-regulatory roles in financial services and the broader economy.'

Goal 1:  Deliver quality professional learning.

Goal 2:  Growth and diversity. 

Goal 3:  Build brand and community. 

Goal 4:  Build a future-proof and professional organisation.


We welcome feedback from Actuaries Institute Members on the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.  Please contact us via