Climate and Sustainability


The Institute seeks to promote a well-informed public debate on responses to climate change and sustainability, and to support actuarial contributions to the development of effective responses.

Our publications include the Australian Actuaries Climate Index and how alternative climate change scenarios impact home insurance affordability.


Most recent publications

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The latest AACI recorded the 33rd consecutive positive value in the spring of 2023, indicating that the frequency of extreme weather was above the reference period average of 1981-2010 across Australia as a whole.
The AACI has been updated for Winter 2023, with the results showing its 32nd consecutive positive value indicating that the frequency of extreme weather was above the reference period average. 
The AACI has been updated for Autumn 2023, with the results adding to evidence that conditions for high bushfire risk are building.

Other publications

  •  Home Insurance Affordability Update: This Report explores the context of all natural perils and discovered that the proportion of “affordability stressed” households – those that spend more than one month’s worth of their gross annual income on home insurance – rose from 10 to 12 per cent. These households spend on average 8.8 weeks of their income on home insurance, which is more than seven times what the average household spends.
  • Funding Costs for Floods: Affordability, Availability and Public Policy SolutionsThis Report examines riverine flood risk alone and outlines a package of short, medium, and long-term policy measures that should be considered by governments, insurers, and other stakeholders to reduce affordability stress for households who are also facing the highest risk.
  • Home Insurance Affordability and Socioeconomic Equity in a Changing Climate: This Paper launches the Australian Actuaries Home Insurance Affordability (AAHIA) Index, which measures how many days of income it takes a household to pay a home insurance premium.
  • Property Insurance Affordability - Challenges and Potential SolutionsPolicymakers are looking for better ways ahead, as evidenced by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission inquiry and the Royal Commission into natural disasters. This Paper aims to help policymakers better understand affordability issues and considerations with potential solutions.
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Mortality and Retirement Incomes in Australia: Authors Dr Ramona Meyricke and Rafal Chomik discuss wide-ranging implications of climate change on mortality, superannuation contributions and retirement incomes.
  • Climate Risk Disclosure – Financial Institutions Feel the HeatSharanjit Paddam and Stephanie Wong look at how Australia's regulators and investors may force financial institutions to adopt international risk measures to accurately assess, report and manage the impacts of climate change.
  • When Sydney Becomes an Inland Sea, We’ll Need the PoolThe underlying cause of potential flood losses, inappropriate development, needs to be addressed as a priority. Government needs to mitigate the risk of flood through measures such as revising current building codes, building or improving dams and levees, re-location of high risk properties, and renovations to existing buildings and infrastructure. Every dollar spent in mitigation can save many dollars in future loss payments.

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