Insights and Other Events

Member Networking – 11 December 2012
Rethinking Asset Allocations
Michael Blaney

Insights – 11 December 2012
Super Policy Forum
Ben Facer, Brad Jeffrey
Presentation Audio

Young Actuaries Program – 27 November 2012
Wider Fields and Broader Horizons
Elayne Grace, Wade Tubman
Presentation Presentation

Young Actuaries Program – 21 November 2012
ERM – Will You Take The Risk?
Sean McGing

Enterprise Risk Management Community Session – 3 October 2012
ICAAP and the Appointed Actuary
Andrew Gale, Gloria Yu
Presentation Audio

Leadership Forum – 3 September 2012
Human Sounding Boards – A Users Guide to Mentoring
Andrew Gale, Gloria Yu
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Insights – 7 August 2012
Profit Margins in Regulated Insurance Markets
Profit Margins Working Party
Presentation Audio

Leadership Forum – 31 July 2012
The Actuary in the Boardroom
Anthony Lowe, Elaine Collins, Ian Pollard

Insights – 27 July 2012
Operational Risk Capital Modeling
Stuart Williams

Insights – 16 July 2012
Risk-Rated Health and Sickness Insurance Workshop
Professor Ermanno Pitacco
Presentation Audio

Insights – 10 July 2012
Microfinance Masterclass
Sarah Marino, Rebecca Parkinson
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Young Actuaries Program – 9 July 2012
Effective Leadership
Andrew Smith

Insights – 28 June 2012
Information Note on Appointed Actuary Risk Management Advice
Working Party in Response to Risk Management Issues

Leadership Forum – 12 June 2012
Plan Less and Seize Opportunities
Professor John Mills

Insights – 24 May 2012
Operating in a LAGIC World
Ian Laughlin at an Insights session held in Brisbane on 24 May 2012.
Based on the presentation Ian gave to the FSAA on 21 May 2012.

Insights – 29 May 2012
The Risk of Obsession with Peer Risk
The Wealth Management Sub Committee of the Life Insurance & Wealth Management Practice Committee.

APRA Workshop – 17 May 2012
Trustee Workshop on APRA’s Superannuation Proposals – draft prudential standards and MySuper authorisation
Helen Rowell Presentation
Keith Chapman Presentation
Michael Rice Presentation
Andrew Boal Presentation
Anne Ward Presentation

Insights Networking – 16 May 2012
Actuarial Practice in Health
Kirsten Armstrong, Bronwyn Hardy, Nicole Stransky

Young Actuaries Program – 09 May 2012
Working Overseas (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)
Peter Erlandsen
Audio Presentation

Major Insights – Life Insurance Wealth Management Practice Committee – 18 April 2012
New Insurance Capital Standards – the Impact on the Role of the Appointed Actuary
Kevin Allport

Insights Networking – B&F – 18 April 2012
Basel II Retail Modeling Approaches – Credit Risk
Nick Scott, Tim Gorst

Young Actuaries Program – 11 April 2012
Part III Exams – the Quest for the Holy Grail
Bruce Thomson, Gary Musgrave
Audio Presentation Presentation

Leadership Forum – 4 April 2012
The Who, What, When and How of Leadership – Self Managed Fund – What makes a good leader
Greg Einfield
Audio Presentation

Major Insights – Superannuation Practice Committee - 29 March 2012
The New DB Funding Framework
Andrew Boal

Young Actuaries Program – 28 March 2012
Part III Exams – the Quest for the Holy Grail
Mark Nelson, David McNab, Daniel Lavender, Paul Newfield

Major Insights – Superannuation Practice Committee – 27 March 2012
The New DB Funding Framework
Andrew Boal
Audio Presentation

Insights – Health Practice Committee – 09 March 2012
Influencing Public Policy
Peter Broadhead
WebEx also available

Young Actuaries Program – 16 February 2012
Building Leadership for Business Impact
Andrew Brown

Young Actuaries Program – 7 February 2012
Diversity and Talent
Young Actuaries Program Committee Sydney

Presidential Message – 18 & 30 January 2012
Evolving the Profession
David Goodsall