Actuary of the Year


Nominations are now invited from Members for the 2020 Actuary of the Year award.

This award is presented to an individual who:

  • has brought credit to the profession and has the capacity to promote the profession under the banner of Actuary of the Year;
  • made a key contribution to business, the community, government or the profession.

There should be public awareness of the individual and, in making the award, preference will be given to a person who will bring favourable publicity to the profession.

When making this award, it is expected that a recent contribution can be identified, however, valuable, ongoing contributions are also taken into consideration.  

Achievements need not be specifically actuarial but, being a member of the profession is expected to be a contributing factor.

Recognition and celebration of the achievements and contributions of one of our Members is an ideal opportunity to promote the value which actuaries can add.

We look forward to receiving your nomination.

Deadline for Nominations – Wednesday 22 July 2020

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2019 Actuary of the Year - Tim Andrews

tim andrews

Tim is a Director and Chair of Finity Consulting, leading its Natural Peril Pricing and Climate Risk practice areas, and is the Appointed Actuary for four insurers.

He has made an important and valuable contribution  on the risk and impact of natural disasters on behalf of the Actuaries Institute for many years, leading submissions and working groups, and most recently going above and beyond in developing the Australian Actuaries Climate Index.

With a professional career spanning three decades and three continents Tim brings an immense range of experiences to his work in the climate space. His accumulated knowledge of the environmental drivers of property risk and market pricing dynamics have made him a highly sought-after advisor, particularly in the commercial insurance sector.

For the past 10 years Tim has dedicated his professional career to building a climate and environmental risk consulting practice area. He has used and leveraged his actuarial training to develop market-leading models of the key sources of climate and environmental risk including flood, bushfire, storm and cyclone.

His more recent role representing the profession through his work on the Australian Actuaries Climate Index has been a very natural way for Tim to share the skill, experience and passion he has for climate risk research. 

The Index, launched in late 2018 and updated quarterly, has received widespread media coverage. Tim was a proactive supporter of the Institute’s media engagement around this topic (across newspaper, radio and on-line video) which has significantly helped promote the role of actuaries outside of traditional areas.

As a proud actuary Tim has always been an active member of the Actuaries Institute including his current role as a member of the Climate Change Working Group and previous roles as Convenor of the General Insurance Practice Committee, Natural Disaster Working Group, Flood Working Group and Chief Examiner for General Insurance. Additionally, Tim spends a great amount of time mentoring his peers within Finity as well as a number of external people in the industry.

His valuable contribution to the profession  makes Tim a very deserving and worthy recipient of the 2019 Actuary of the Year Award.

Tim will be presented with the award at the upcoming Injury and Disability Insurance Schemes Seminar Gala Dinner on Monday 11 November 2019.

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