The Institute’s publications explore improvements for how private health insurance and the wider health system can better support a healthy society.

Most recent publications

How to Make Private Health Insurance Healthier
Private Health and Health Care Financing
Private Health Insurance Bill Shock
This Paper explores how the community can get more from private health insurance.
Building on the Institute's Green Paper How to make Health Insurance Healthier, this Dialogue takes another look at private health in Australia - how it is financed, whether it meets the needs of consumers and areas of potential reform.
This Dialogue proposes a simple addition to private health insurance (PHI) policies designed to alleviate the severe financial impact of a diagnosis of cancer.

Other publications

  • How COVID-19 has Affected Mortality in 2020 to 2022: This Paper offers essential insights to inform public policy on healthcare, social support and emergency preparedness while providing a robust foundation to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on mortality and well-being.
  • How COVID-19 has Affected Mortality and Morbidity in 2020 & 2021This Research Note on COVID-19 mortality, which looks at Australia’s experience in a global context, shows that Australian mortality is 1% lower than expected for 2020-21. This is compared with a global average of 17% higher than expected mortality. However, Australia’s Omicron deaths up to 31 March 2022 have eliminated the 2020-21 mortality savings.
  • Total Deaths in Australia - What Do They Look Like for 2020?: The COVID-19 Working Group has produced a mortality Research Paper that indicates more Australians likely died from COVID-19 during the first weeks of the virus outbreak in Australia than has been reported.
  • Mental Health and Insurance: This Paper aims to stimulate discussion about the way the insurance sector and insurance products interact with people with mental health conditions.
  • Who Will Fund Our Health?: Commissioned by the Institute and undertaken by Three Rivers Consulting, this Paper shows that due to Australia’s ageing population and other factors, the Government must take policy action if Australia is to prepare effectively for rising future health care costs.
  • Aged Care Funding - Assessing the Options and Implications: Commissioned by the Institute and written by actuaries Gillian Harres, Andrew Matthews, Hadyn Bernau and Kylie Hogan, this Paper calls for a considered conversation about funding of the Aged Care system.

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