Institute HQ


Elayne Grace, Chief Executive Officer
Glenda Owen, Executive Assistant

Communications and Marketing

Katrina McFadyen, Executive General Manager, Communications and Marketing
Emma Key, Senior Communications and Marketing Manager
Chris Davis, Senior Content Specialist
Richard Bannon, Senior Communications and Marketing Specialist
Justin Matters, Senior Communications and Marketing Specialist
Harriet O'Malley, Communications and Marketing Assistant
Kitty Chan, Liaison Manager Asia

education development and delivery

Mike Callan, Executive General Manager, Education
Amanda Aitken, Actuarial Educator
Georgina Hemmings, Actuarial Educator
Janice Jones, Actuarial Educator
Michelle Gavri, Education Design & Delivery Manager
Richard Mayo, Actuarial Educator
James Purvis, Actuarial Educator
Zachary Tirrell, Actuarial Educator
Elaine Pang, Actuarial Educator
Raveendran Menon, Accreditation Support Manager


Eleanor Mazando, Education Manager and Team Leader
Carol Vilches, Senior Education Officer


Sarah Duncan, Events Manager and Team Leader
Zoe Carlyon, Events Manager
Bryana Edwards, Events Coordinator


Brad Sherringham, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Finance Officer
Colleen Lee, Accountant
Mark Nelson, Analytics Development & Technical Consultant
Jacqui Chan, Systems Project Manager
Cindy Moloney, Project Support and Customer Experience Officer
Kelly Holcroft, Member Engagement Manager
MEMBER Services

Tony Burke, Executive General Manager, Services
Krystel Rowe, Senior Officer, Product and Professional Development

Office Support

Linda McMaster, Receptionist

Public Policy

Vanessa Beenders, Executive General Manager, Public Policy & Professionalism
Clare Hughes, Public Policy & Practice Excellence Adviser
Shiva Savariar, Professional Practice Manager