Institute Team


Elayne Grace, Chief Executive Officer
Glenda Owen, Executive Assistant to CEO
Linda McMaster, Receptionist

Communications & Marketing

Fiona MacGillivray, Executive General Manager, Communications & Marketing
Emma Key, General Manager, Communications & Marketing
Kitty Chan, Liaison Manager Asia
Sophie Harkin, Senior Campaign Specialist
Haylee Kerans, Senior Communications Specialist
Hannah Young, Senior Communications & Marketing Specialist
Kim Pritchard,  Marketing and Communications Specialist
Whitney Duan, Strategic Projects Lead 


Mike Callan, Executive General Manager, Education
Louise Atkins, Education Director
Janice Jones, Lead Actuarial Educator (P/T)
Moz Ali, Actuarial Educator
Amanda Aitken, Actuarial Educator (P/T)
Georgina Hemmings, Actuarial Educator (P/T)
Ravee Menon, Accreditation Support Officer (P/T)
Eleanor Mazando, Education Manager & Team Leader
James Purvis, Actuarial Educator (P/T)
Zachary Tirrell, Actuarial Educator (P/T)
Jacqueline Reid, Actuarial Educator (P/T)
Julia Lessing, Actuarial Educator (P/T)
Jenny Ting, Actuarial Educator (P/T)
Su Kim, Senior Education Officer
Lucy Gegg, Education Support Officer
Robyn Worthing, Education Partnerships Manager

Finance & IT
Brad Sherringham, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Finance Officer
Colleen Lee, Accountant
Mark Nelson, Analytics Development & Technical Consultant
Jacqui Chan, IT Manager
Cindy Moloney, Project Support/Customer Experience Officer
Kelly Holcroft, Member Engagement Manager
Robin Shi, Senior Business Analyst

Public Policy & Professionalism

Vanessa Beenders, Executive General Manager, Public Policy & Professionalism
Clare Marshall, Public Policy & Practice Excellence Adviser
Aidan Nguyen, Public Policy Lead
Terrie Gibson, Professional Standards Manager
Sarah Duncan, Events Manager and Team Leader
Zoe Carlyon, Events Manager
Bryana Edwards, Senior Events Co-ordinator