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The Institute’s publications provide analysis across a wide range of topics including longevity risk, the fundamental design of the superannuation and retirement income systems, and regulatory arrangements such as the retirement income covenant and capital management frameworks.

Most recent publications

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Australia currently has about four million retirees, with another 670,000 people intending to retire in the next five years. Retirement Matters, a Dialogue Paper written by actuaries Andrew Gale and Stephen Huppert, argues that the time for Australia to reimagine retirement is now. 
This Dialogue explores how superannuation trustees may need to approach any quantitative requirements and analysis in order to satisfy Australia’s new Retirement Income Covenant legislation from 1 July 2022.
Options for an Improved and Integrated System of Retirement
The Actuaries Institute urges the Federal Government to give broad scope to its pending review of Australia’s retirement system, to better integrate the Age Pension, superannuation and aged care.

Most recent publications

  • The Impact of Climate Change on Mortality and Retirement Incomes in Australia: Authors Dr Ramona Meyricke and Rafal Chomik discuss wide-ranging implications of climate change on mortality, superannuation contributions and retirement incomes.
  • The Special Needs of Financial Services BoardsTwo actuaries have developed a skill and capability checklist to help Australian bank and insurance companies appoint Directors with the right qualifications to prevent misconduct uncovered by the Hayne Royal Commission.
  • The Rise of the Gig Economy and its Impact on the Australian WorkforceThe gig workforce has grown rapidly in recent years but knowledge of the segment is limited and questions are emerging about its impact on other sectors and gig workers.Quantium’s innovative approach involved analysing bank transactional data that gives a unique insight into the sector from a worker and consumer perspective.
  • Aged Care Funding - Assessing the Options and ImplicationsCommissioned by the Institute and written by actuaries Gillian Harres, Andrew Matthews, Hadyn Bernau and Kylie Hogan, this Paper calls for a considered conversation about funding of the Aged Care system.
  • Uplifting Superannuation Risk-Based Capital ManagementThis Research Paper aims to assist superannuation trustees uplift their approach to risk-based capital management by providing a framework and practical examples.
  • Developing the Retirement Income Framework: This Dialogue Paper by Anthony Asher explores the case to be made for a compulsory longevity risk management element to be added to superannuation products. 
  • Spending in Retirement and the Taper Rate: Written by Andrew Boal, this Paper explores the effects of the taper rate on spending in retirement.
  • Exploring Retiree Mortality:  The Paper calls for the development of mortality tables for purchasers of annuities and other guaranteed income products. There is currently a shortage of such data because Australians have preferred to take products such as Account-Based Pensions, where there is no longevity protection.
  • Retirement Readiness—A Comparative Analysis of Australia, the United Kingdom & the United StatesA recent survey—conducted jointly by the American Academy of Actuaries, the Actuaries Institute of Australia, and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (U.K.)—uncovered some interesting findings about how residents in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia are (or are not) preparing for their retirement years.
  • Unlocking Housing Wealth - Options to Meet Retirement NeedsThis Paper provides a range of policy options designed to facilitate access to retirees’ housing wealth and improve living standards.
  • Exploring Barriers to Australia’s Annuities MarketThe Actuaries Institute believes a deeper, more developed annuities market is vital to provide greater choices for people looking to sensibly invest their retirement savings – over what may be a 30+ year period for many. However a wide range of barriers need to be better understood and then tackled to help annuities enter the mainstream financial services system.
  • Australia's Longevity Tsunami - What Should We Do? This Paper provides holistic actuarial analysis of the Australian retirement incomes system and proposes a number of policy levers available to the government in addressing the problem, including modifying the Age Pension, superannuation and tax systems to ensure a more financially secure future for retirees.
  • The Challenge of Longevity Risk: Making Retirement Income Last a LifetimeThis Paper, examining the challenges of retirement income and longevity risk, has been jointly released by the respective actuarial institutes of Australia, the UK and America.
  • For Richer, For Poorer, Retirement IncomesThe Actuaries Institute's For Richer, For Poorer Retirement Incomes Paper uniquely outlines the financial risks facing future retirees based on their current age and wealth profile.

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