Accident Compensation Seminar

Sunday 28 November 2004

Welcome Reception

Monday 29 November 2004


Keynote Speaker

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Plenary 2

Efficiency in Accident Compensation
Chair: Estelle Pearson

Plenary 3

Focus on the Non-Financial Objective of An Accident Compensation Scheme
Michael Playford, Katie Byrne-Jones

Plenary 4

ANCIS – The First 3 Years
David Logan

Plenary 5

Redesigning Macedonian CTP – A Case Study
Amanda Goodban, Geoff Atkins


This House Believes That "Accident Compensation Scheme
Cannot be Truly Efficient Until Non Financial Aspects Can be Measured"

Plenary 6

Workers Compensation Scheme Comparsion
Bruce Watson

Plenary 7

CTP Scheme Comparison
Chris Latham
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 1

NSW CTP Scheme the Motor Accident Assessment Service – Is it Working?
David Bowen

QLD Workers Compensation Scheme
Gordon Lawson, Ian Garbutt

Public Liability Tort Reform
Gae Robinson
Presentation Paper Paper

Concurrent 2

Performance of the Queensland Scheme – An Insurer's Perspective
Tracy Green

Reforming Victoria's Workplace Injury Insurance Premium System
Brian Cook

Statistical Case Estimate Model for NSW Workers Compensation
Michell Prevett, Richard Brooks
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 3

QLD CTP Scheme
Lesley Anderson

WA Workers Compensation Scheme – The Last Decade
Dr Rob Guthrie, Peter Lurie
Presentation Paper

Loss Reserving with GLMs: A Case Study
Grey Taylor, Grainne McGuire
Presentation Paper

Tuesday 30 November 2004

Concurrent 4

Measuring and Monitoring the Impact of Environmental Changes in Outcomes for Personal Injury Claims
Karen Whittred
Presentation Paper

NSW Workers Compensation Scheme
Rob Thomson
Presentation Presentation

Cost of Comparisons by Accident Cause – ACC Experience
Dr. Nick Allsop, Chris Lathan
Presentation Presentation Paper

Concurrent 5

Monitoring in NSW Workers Compensation
Kris Bruckner, David Wright, Richard Brooke
Presentation Paper

Efficiency Changes in Transport Accident Scheme
Raewin Davies, Rosi Winn, Jack Jiang
Presentation Presentation Paper

Concurrent 6

VIC CTP Scheme
Heather Evans

Tasmania Workers Compensation Scheme
Martin Shirley

NSW Coal Mining – A Case Study
Peter McCarthy, Christopher Wallace, Melissa Yan
Presentation Paper

Plenary 8

Intensive Case Management Review of Department of Education and Training Victoria Schools with High Workers Compensation Claims Costs
Natalie Dubrowin, Michelle Holian, Daniel Smith

Plenary 9

Efficiency in CTP Claims Adminstration Workflow and Imaging – A Case Study
Lew Watts, Alan Greenfield
Presentation Paper

Plenary 10

Public Vs Private
Dallas Booth
Presentation Paper


This House Believes "That Free Market Competition is Needed to Drive
Efficiencies Through Innovation in Injury Management"

Wednesday 1 December 2004

Concurrent 7

Kiwis Helping Kiwis – Building the Capability to Improve Return to Work Rates
Richard Geisler

VIC Workers Compensation Scheme
Len Boehm

The Role of Self-Insurance in Australian Workers Compensation Scheme
Alan Clayton

Concurrent 8

SA CTP Scheme
Geoff Vogt

Strategic Issues for the ComCare Scheme
Noel Swalis

Application of Soft Computing Techniques in Accident Compensation
Peter Mulquiney
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 9

Care for the Catastrophically Injured
Phillip Livingston

SA Workers Compensation Scheme
Jack De Leeuw

Estimating Risk Margins
Erasmus Gerigk
Presentation Paper

Plenary 11

Paying for Asbestos and Suggested Solutions
Alan Smee, Steven Girvan

Plenary 12

Siddharth Parameswaran
Presentation Paper

Plenary 13

Panel Discussion
Latent Risks in Personal Injury

Plenary 14

Long Term Care – The Environmental and Recent Developments
Gavin Pearce
Presentation Paper

Plenary 15

Governance, Prudential Regulation and Financial Policies – A Best Practice
Geoff Atkins

Plenary 16

Panel Discussion
"Efficiency is ..."

Closing Remarks

Graham Rogers, Institute President