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The Institute has accredited a number of actuarial degrees across universities in Australia and New Zealand, allowing students to study our Education Program as a part of their course. Embarking on an accredited actuarial degree represents the most direct and streamlined route to achieving professional qualification. Accredited programs are designed to imbue you with the essential skills to enter into the actuarial realm, forging strong pathways to internships during your studies and work placement upon graduation.

Foundational skills and expertise you'll build in these degrees include:


Statistical concept application
Actuarial modelling principles

 Business acumen


Actuarial control cycle
data science

Data science techniques

Communication skills

The most direct path to qualification

Let your ambition shine brightly and tread the proven path to actuarial distinction. There are just three stages to take you from uni student to Institute Fellow.

Direct path to qualification

Understanding exemptions

To become a qualified actuary after graduation, you'll need to complete the Actuary Program with the Institute. Your accredited degree allows you to claim exemptions. This means you will have completed the Institute's Foundation Program and half the Actuary Program without needing further study.

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Not studying an accredited course?
Explore alternative pathways to qualification

Whether your academic background touches allied domains or you're pursuing a career shift, or even if traditional study wasn't your path at all, the Actuaries Institute values diverse experiences and offers pathways for all aspiring actuaries. It's not about where you start, but the passion you bring to shape a better world.

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