Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards of conduct to be observed by members of the Actuaries Institute Australia. The Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the below link. The new Code has been developed to encompass all aspects of an Actuaries life - not just the professional. The new Code is principles-based and is much shorter. To help members navigate the new Code, please download the guidance document found below.

View the Code of Conduct

View the Explanatory Memorandum for new Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct Guidance Group has developed guidance materials to assist members' understanding of the new Code. You can access the materials here. Feedback in relation to the guidance is welcome and can be sent to


The Code of Conduct Guidance Group is encouraging members to test their knowledge of the new Code of Conduct launched on 31 March, by completing a short quiz of 20 multiple choice questions that should take 10 minutes to complete. Members earn one CPD point for completing the quiz and should aim to score >90%. You will be unable to take the quiz again, so if you do not achieve that score it is recommended that you carefully re-read the Code.

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N.B. The quiz is anonymous and the results will not be used by the Code of Conduct Guidance Group of the Actuaries Institute.