Risk Management and Governance


The Institute’s publications discuss the role of the risk management function and key governance issues for non-executive directors and C-Suite executives. 

Most recent publications

Cyber Risk and the Role of Insurance

This Report notes that while the first line of defence against cyber risk will always be good cyber hygiene and security, cyber insurance is an important second line of defence.
Financial Services Board

Two actuaries have developed a skill and capability checklist to help Australian bank and insurance companies appoint Directors with the right qualifications to prevent misconduct uncovered by the Hayne Royal Commission.
CEOs Say One Thing and Do Another

This Dialogue paper by Barry Rafe identifies a serious flaw in Board governance practices in large complex organisations.

Other publications

  • Low Probability, High Impact Economic Scenarios for AustraliaThe aim of this Paper, through a collaboration between the Actuaries Institute and independent economist Michael Blythe, is to share insights about scenario analysis and identify some plausible alternative futures that actuaries could consider as part of their professional work. These alternative futures are likely to be highly relevant for many other professionals and in many industries given the interconnectedness of the economy. These alternatives may result from significant shocks or structural breaks and what may happen as economic theory and policy evolve over time.
  • Big Data and the Digital Economy: Benefits and Pitfalls in the Insurance Industry: This Paper explores how big data is transforming the insurance industry and the implications for the cost and availability of insurance.
  • Climate Risk Disclosure – Financial Institutions Feel the HeatSharanjit Paddam and Stephanie Wong look at how Australia's regulators and investors may force financial institutions to adopt international risk measures to accurately assess, report and manage the impacts of climate change.

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