The Asian Actuaries Association brings together 12 actuarial associations across Asia and Australia reaching close to 30,000 members. It was established in 1981, originally known as’ East Asian Actuarial Congress’ (EAAC) and renamed to ‘Asian Actuarial Congress’ (AAC) in 2014 so as to envelope whole of Asia. In 2019, the Board decided to rename it to ‘Asian Actuaries Association’ (AsAA) to bring clarity when it comes to addressing the group.  

The AsAA shall convene a Conference called ‘Asian Actuarial Conference’ (AAC) at least once every  two years. The purpose is the present and discussion of papers on actuarial topics of current interest. 


Constitution of EAAC was signed at 8th EAAC Tokyo 

The Institute of Actuaries of India joined EAAC at the 12th EAAC in Manila 

Constitution of EAAC was amended and the Actuaries Institute joined EAAC in at 14th EAAC in Tokyo 

Constitution of AsAA was signed in 2022 


The AsAA is an association to develop international collaboration in the actuarial field and shall be a non-political, non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit-making association. 


The AsAA has the following objectives:  

1. Exchange ideas and information on all kinds of actuarial knowledge  

2. Discuss subjects of mutual interest relating to actuarial theory and practice with specific application to Asia economic and regulatory conditions  

3. Promote the actuarial profession within the Asian region  

4. Discuss standards of competence and conduct within the actuarial profession  

5. Work towards the establishment of a database of information of interest to actuaries  

6. Hold meetings and discussions, publish papers, reports and studies, make or sponsor investigations, promote educational activities, and undertake such other activities  

7. Hold a Conference at least once every two years 

8. Maintain contact with other actuarial and professional organizations and interested individuals or organisations.