Program Snapshot


Tuesday 28 march 2017

8.15am Networking Breakfast and Registration
9.00am  Welcome - President Jenny Lyon
9.05am Opening Comments – Facilitator Martin Mulcare
9.10am Keynote Address – Lesley Traverso

Plenary 1 – Actuaries as Leaders

Actuaries as Leaders features an interview with Blair Nicholls and Anthony Lowe on their leadership journey as Actuaries, highlighting the lessons they have learnt along the way and some tips for aspiring actuarial leaders. 

Facilitator Martin Mulcare

Blair Nicolls
Anthony Lowe

Morning Tea
Plenary 2 -  The Secret Ingredient

Trang Duncanson is an industry leader whose personal story reveals how her own individuality has been a formidable asset throughout her career. Drawing on her industry experience, she will explain how seeking out people with unique talents and skills has enriched her teams, how varying backgrounds and differences of thought can potentially throw up new challenges as well as exciting opportunities. In addition to this, Inclusive cultures are key to facilitating high performing teams. Catherine with share with us the foundations of inclusive leadership and insights into the role you can play in contributing to inclusive teams and cultures.

Discover from the experts what works and what doesn’t and how to exploit the essential ingredient… Diversity!

Facilitator Martin Mulcare

Trang Duncanson
Catherine McNair


Plenary 3 – Breaking the Actuarial Mould

Julia Lessing and Kirsten Armstrong have both ‘broken the actuarial mould’ by utilising the technical skills they have harnessed as actuaries to find success outside of the traditional actuarial pathway. In plenary 3, Julia and Kirsten will share how they went about developing their leadership skills in order to do this and what challenges they have overcome.

Facilitator Martin Mulcare 

Julia Lessing
Kirsten Armstrong

 12.40pm Closing Remarks - Facilitator, Martin Mulcare
 12.45pm Seminar closing - President, Jenny Lyon
End of Seminar

Capability Framework Functions

Contribution to Business Strategy Contribution to Business Strategy
Leadership Leadership
Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving
Valuing Uncertain Future Cashflow Valuing Uncertain Future Cash Flow
Risk Management Risk Management
Professional Governance Professional Governance
Product Development, Management and Pricing Product Development, Management and Pricing
Investment Advice and Governance Investment Advice and Governance