Have you ever considered becoming an actuary? 

The actuarial career is one that is rewarding and provides opportunities to work in a number of different fields, making a positive difference in society. 

See below, young actuaries who are making a difference through their actuarial work!

"Be it in superannuation or other financial services industries, by having those skills, you’re able to develop solutions that help all Australians and I think that’s really valuable"

Richard Dunn, Consultant at Rice Warner

"I feel like that's almost one of the secret superpowers that we have as an actuary, which is to utilise the data and explain the stories that the data is trying to tell us" 

Emily Tao, Actuary at CGU Insurance

"The Institute ran its first Hackathon, and we helped the Fred Hollows Foundation to better understand their donor base... as an Actuary, I'm proud that we are making a real difference in society"

Calise Liu, Actuarial Analyst at Finity Consulting

"The most amazing and rewarding thing about being an actuary is that we have this skillset that is both technical and qualitative, that allows us to solve complex problems in our society in a very robust manner"

Brittany Ryan, 
Actuarial Associate at PwC

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