For further information on how to get your NFP involved in the Actuarial Hackathon, email Project Lead,Lisa Ye.

NFP Participation

What are actuaries?

Actuaries are business professionals with advance skills in data analysis, predictive modelling and financial forecasting. Actuaries solve business problems, and as part of the Actuarial Hackathon, will volunteer their time to 'hack' a problem faced by the participating not-for-profits.

How can actuaries help your organisation?

Some examples of challenges suitable for the actuarial skillset include:

  • Finding quantitative ways to measure a charity's program outcomes.

  • Enabling data-driven decision-making across participating organisations.

  • Helping solve complex problems using numbers.

  • Quantitatively measuring and optimising branding and donation impacts.

  • Projecting and estimating the long-term impact of programs.

  • Using internal data to help participating charities run as effectively as possible.

What information we will need from you

A problem

We will need a business problem that needs to be solved.


If possible, a sanitised version of some data relating to the business problem, and/or your existing models or spreadsheets.


Some of your time to help us understand more about you.

How the Actuarial Hackathon works

Program Structure

  • The Hackathon Organising Committee will arrange a consultation to understand your charity's problem and define it more exactly.

  • The Hackathon Organising Committee will introduce the Hackathon teams to each charity and brief the business problem.

  • Allow eight weeks to develop a solution, with consulting along the way.

  • Have a solution pitch and, if there's support from all parties, post-event implementation support.

Proposed Timings (subject to change)

  • Confirm the business problem and available data by TBD.

  • Confirm and brief the volunteer Actuaries teams by TBD.

  • Pitch solutions at the Hackathon Showcase event on TBD.


Not-for-profit representatives reflect on the benefit of participating in the Actuarial Hackathon.

Kelvin Hill, Stroke Foundation

Stephanie Quattromani, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation