Volunteer Registration

Register as a volunteer!

Interested in participating in the 2024 Actuarial Hackathon? Register now! 

Members from all backgrounds and years of experience are welcome. To complete your registration, please fill out the short form via the link below.

Registration will be open until COB Friday, 17 May 2024

Volunteer options

Volunteers are the driving force behind the Actuarial Hackathon. 

This year, you will be able to register as an “individual” volunteer or as a “company team” (where companies can register full teams to participate in the Actuarial Hackathon). A team usually comprises of 4-6 people. Those who enter as individuals will be grouped with other like-minded solo volunteers and assigned an NFP by the Actuarial Hackathon Organising Committee. 

What's in it for you?

Help create a better future for the less fortunate
The Actuarial Hackathon grants participants access to the ‘engine room’ of their allocated NFP, where you can get down and dirty to help address the charity's needs. By doing so, you will be influencing the future strategic direction of your NFP, helping them to pursue their vision and mission in their respective fields. 

Make connections with some of Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisations
Participating as a volunteer in the Actuarial Hackathon presents a fantastic opportunity to strengthen and expand your network, through collaboration within your allocated or company team and at the Hackathon Showcase event. 

Build leadership and project management skills
Depending on your role within your team, the Actuarial Hackathon could present an opportunity to improve your project management and leadership skills. 

Improve confidence in communication and presentation
Whether it's compiling research during the Hackathon period, or presenting your team's findings at the Hackathon Showcase, this experience will enable you to enhance your capacity to articulate in an efficient and engaging manner. 

Harness CPD
As a Member of the Actuaries Institute, participating in the Actuarial Hackathon is a fantastic opportunity to accumulate valuable CPD hours. 

And lastly, prizes!
For some added fun, prizes will be up for grabs based on the content of a team's presentation in the Showcase. It’s time to get creative and put your communication skills to the test!

For further information on the 2024 Actuarial Hackathon, read the Member Participation Guidelines.