Past Event Resources

This dedicated hub brings together a wealth of insights from previous forums and other events, where experts dissected the complexities of risk in various sectors.

Event Presenter Date Resources

Home Insurance Affordability Update and Flood Public Policy Options

Presented by Calise Liu, Saroop Philip and Evelyn Chow 2023 View Presentation Slides

Cybersecurity and Privacy in Australia

Presented by Sarah Guo 2023 View Presentation Slides

Data Privacy of Open Banking

Presented by Associate Professor Yin Liao 2023 View Presentation Slides

How Are Actuaries Making a Difference in Public Policy?

Presented by Anthony Lowe, Dr Hugh Miller, John Taylor and Raymond Tam
2023 Watch Session

Mitigating Flood Risk with CAT bonds: A New Orleans Case Study

Presented by Roberto Carcache 2023 Watch Session

Systemic Risk Assessment Using Complex Networks

Presented by Prof. Dr. Joo Vincius Carvalho and Acssio Guimares 2023 Watch Session

Quantifying the Cost of Climate Change

Presented by Tony Coleman 2023 Watch Session

Navigating Climate Risk Management: Developing Innovative Solutions for Banks and other Lenders

Presented by Daniel McGree and Mudit Gupta 2023 Watch Session

New Machine Learning Techniques for Long-Term Mortality Forecasting

Presented by Dr Peter Vekas 2023 Watch Session

Long Term Drivers of Future Mortality

Presented by Al Klein 2023 Watch Session

Inequality Levels and Longevity Risk

Presented by Philip Clark 2023 Watch Session

Climate Risks and Mortality for Life Insurers

Presented by Michelle Dong and Aaron Bruhn
2023 Watch Session

Lessons Learned for Future Pandemic Prepardeness

Presented by Sara Teppema and Stuart Wason 2023 Watch Session

Risk Managing to Net Zero in Financial Services

Presented by Raymond Bennett, Tal Morgenstern and Michelle Dong 2022 Watch Session

Risk Management and Digitisation

Sonjai Kumar 2022 Read Article
Cyber Risk and the Role of Insurance Presented by Win-Li Toh, Ross Simmonds and Dr Michael Neary 2022 Watch Session
View PowerPoint Slides

Crypto Currency & Risk Management

Presented byClement Peng (Chair)Angela Shi, Dr Christian Chamorro Courtland and Iain Bulcraig 2022 Watch Session
View PowerPoint Slides

Risk Management at the Virtual Summit

Srikar Velivela and Gaurav Agrawal 2021 Read Article

Hot Topics in Risk management: Data Ethics, Climate Risk and Cyber Security

Chris Dolman, Francesca Kirby and Dan Barron 2021 Watch Session
View PowerPoint Slides
Risk Management Highlights at the 20/20 All Actuaries Virtual Summit       Camille Cuche 2020 Read Article
Risk Management Implications of COVID-19 for Non-Executive Directors        Jennifer Yu 2020 Read Article
Risk, Uncertainty and Opportunities Learning from the COVID-19 Crisis      Andrew Matthews 2020 Read Article