wednesday 11 october 2017

10.15am Registration Opens and Morning Tea
10.50am Welcome 
President Jenny Lyon

Plenary 1: Real Business Problems – Delivering the Value

Chair: Angat Sandhu
Steve Millward - Chief Analytics Officer, Data Republic

Peter Tilocca - Chief Underwriter, ANZ Wealth

This plenary is intending to focus on actual applications of data analytics in financial services. Areas where data analytics is adding value and the areas where data analytics is expected to add value in the near future. We are also looking for some commentary on separating the hype from the reality. (Examples of this could include: What was the original aim vs what was actually possible vs what was achieved.)


Plenary 2: Regulatory Perspectives – Challenges and Opportunities in Data Analytics

Chair: Angat Sandhu
Jason Collins - Senior Manager, Data Science, Strategic Intelligence, ASIC
Katrina Ellis – General Manager, Data Analytics, APRA 

In this session, we will be hearing from major regulators, APRA and ASIC, on their experience with Data analytics thus far. The speakers will share perspectives on their aspirations with use of data analytics, their journey to date including the greatest challenges experienced.


Plenary 3: Expanding Horizons – Learning from other Fields

Chair: Johan Wiid
Tatia Rashid – Quantium

Dr Paul Nicolarakis – CEO, Lorica Health


Data analytics is changing the landscapes of most industries, as data starts to provide insights that were never previously imagined. It is sometimes surprising that the new ideas in insurance may have been already used in the health or sports sectors. This session looks at what Actuaries can learn from the innovation in the non-financial services industries and adapt into our own fields. 


Plenary 4: The Education Revolution

Chair: Johan Wiid
Michael Storozhev – Senior Underwriter, Cover-More

Dr Doron Samuell - Chief Medical Officer, Zurich


What is the changing landscape of education in Data Analytics. In such a fast paced field, how can education keep up with the needs of the industry. This session explores the education revolution as Universities are adapting by working closer with the private and public sector, and a myriad of open education sources are giving Actuaries the skills to succeed in the Data Analytics world.

3.10pm Afternoon Tea

Plenary 5: Insurtech – The Next Frontier

Chair: Angat Sandhu
Brenton Charnley - Lead and Co-founder, Insurtech Australia
Vanessa Dobson – Head of Research and Development, Munich Re

Paul Reynolds – CEO and Co-Founder, Factor Financial Analytics

In this plenary, the panelists will be sharing their views on the latest developments in InsurTech Australia, with a particular focus on start-ups that are using data analytics to better serve the insurance industry. We will hear views both from the start-ups themselves as well as industry participants that are working closely with the start-ups.

4.20pm Networking Drinks

Capability Framework Functions

Contribution to Business Strategy Contribution to Business Strategy
Leadership Leadership
Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving
Valuing Uncertain Future Cashflow Valuing Uncertain Future Cash Flow
Risk Management Risk Management
Professional Governance Professional Governance
Product Development, Management and Pricing Product Development, Management and Pricing
Investment Advice and Governance Investment Advice and Governance

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