Benefits and Rewards


Quite simply, we could not operate as effectively as we do without the leadership and support of the many volunteers who give their time. This commitment, dedication and hard work means so much more can be achieved, and it is greatly appreciated by everyone at Institute HQ. Recognition and support of our volunteers is essential, we do this through a number of activities including:

  • Volunteer Cocktail Party: Each year we recognise our volunteers with a cocktail party in Sydney and Melbourne, which allows us to acknowledge the significant contribution our volunteers make.

  • Token of Appreciation: Education volunteers also receive nominal payments for their time and a gift at the end of each semester.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) our volunteers get CPD points by participating in certain volunteer activities.

  • Volunteer of the Year Awards: For the first time this year, the Institute introduced these Awards across three categories, announced at the Volunteer Cocktail Party. 

  • Profiling in Actuaries Digital and across our social media channels the efforts and talents of our volunteers

  • National Volunteer Week Celebrations recognising the contributions of our volunteers annually from 8-14 May

  • Thank you letters from the CEO and The President of the Institute.

  • Certificates of Appreciation, our volunteers are worth it!