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Semester 2 2020 Communication, Modelling and Professionalism Scrutineer Required

The Institute is looking for Fellows who could attempt and review the CMP assignment for Semester 2 2020. The scrutineer period is below:


Monday, 2 March 2020

Chief Examiner to approve assignment for scrutineers

Monday, 16 March 2020

Scrutineer feedback due


If you are interested, please get in touch with Karena Chhoeung by COB Thursday, 6 February 2020.

Updating private health insurance course - expressions of interest

The Health Education faculty is seeking expressions of interest to review and update the online Private Health Insurance CPD course.

This review would involve:

  • Updating all relevant content to incorporate:
    • The 2017 to 2019 government driven reforms of the private health insurance industry (e.g. introduction of youth discount), as well as relevant APRA standards
    • Spreadsheet examples of pricing, reserving and capital that can assist students to better understand the associated course contents
    • Greater detail on risk equalisation to be understandable by a layperson
    • Other current and potential government and environmental factors in the Australian context. Estimated time 3 days
  • Reviewing all time-marked links and passages in the course and updating where appropriate – Approx. one day
  • Determining where, if at all, relevant papers written in the past three years should be incorporated into the course – Approx one day
  • Reviewing the currently recommended papers, and recommending the removal any that are out of date – Approx 1-2 days 
  • Updating the assessment questions (end of chapter and final assessment) and associated model answers to be in line with course content and making all assessments a similar level of difficulty – Approx 2 days 


  • Item 1:
    • The last update of the course was in 2016 with a summary of the Private Health Insurance Reforms in 2018 incorporated as an additional reading.  It is expected that the reforms to be updated and included in Topic 1 in this review.
    • The current course includes text description of liability, pricing and capital concepts in Topic 3, 4 and 5 respectively.  Prior student feedback indicated the need for greater coverage and better explanation of these concepts through spreadsheet examples. 
    • Risk equalisation is mentioned throughout each topic and additional readings of the current course.  Prior student feedback suggested that many still found this concept one of the most difficult to understand, particularly in the Australian context.  More detail or a case study example in Topic 1 on risk equalisation in Australia and greater linkages of the concept between topics could help enhance understanding. 
  • Item 5 - Prior student feedback noted that final assessment task was generally harder than the end of chapter tasks and was quite difficult to answer without external research.  This review requires an update of the end of chapter questions and final assessment task to reflect the updates in course content and improved alignment in difficulty between the end of chapter tasks and the final assessment task.

The work is to be completed by Friday 29 May 2020. Please submit a brief proposal, containing proposed fees for each element above (noting that due to cost constraints, not all elements may proceed). Include a CV detailing relevant Australian Private Health Insurance and educational experience (if any). All responses should be emailed to Krystel Rowe, Senior Officer - Product Development, by 2pm Friday 28 February. 

If you have any questions about this expression of interest, please contact Maggie Lee.


The Life Insurance & Wealth Management Practice Committee (LIWMPC) is seeking several volunteers to join their Professional Development committee. The Professional Development Committee supports the development of actuarial practice through CPD activities and member communication. The key responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Identifying continuing professional development needs of members and developing CPD programs and opportunities (e.g. via Insights sessions)
  • Communicating on a regular basis with members (e.g. via e-newsletters and Actuaries Digital articles) on issues and development affecting life insurance and wealth management.

We are seeking volunteers across a diverse range of experiences (university students through to experienced actuaries) and across different backgrounds to ensure the CPD programs and member communications that are developed appeal to different members of the profession. This is a great opportunity for members to expand their network and to help shape to delivery of future professional development programs.

Interested members who would like to join should contact Melissa Yeoh.


The Actuaries Institute is seeking a dedicated student member who is currently completing their Part I and Part II with Curtin University to join the Student Committee.

The Student representative from the University, he or she will need to be link between the Actuaries Institute and the Actuarial Student Society. Committee members will have the opportunity to share different viewpoints and provide feedback to the Institute on improving the services it offers to its members. 

The key responsibilities of the Student Committee will be:

  • Canvassing opinions from students and identifying issues of interest or concern in the education program or student services, for consideration by the Education Council Committee.
  • Providing specific feedback on education issues, proposals or draft plans to the Education Council Committee.
  • Providing a link to the Actuarial Student Societies at accredited universities to ensure effective Institute support and gain feedback.
  • Preparing reports to the Education Council Committee. 

If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please send your resume to Krystel Rowe.

high school volunteers

The Actuaries Institute's High School Program aims to nurture the interest of mathematically gifted high school students so they are able to consider the actuarial profession at an early stage. We organise school visits where volunteers will deliver a presentation on the profession, outline pathways and also engage in Q&A and share their personal journey to becoming an actuary. 

The Institute is looking to further expand and improve the program in 2020. If you are interested in becoming involved in the program or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Yu

This page will be updated regularly with new and existing vacancies. In the meantime, please send any volunteering expressions of interest to volunteers@actuaries .asn.au