Volunteer Vacancies

Please note: All roles in working groups, practice committees, task forces, programs, boards and other committees/GROUPS are required to be advertised for applications.

Opportunity to join the Code of Conduct Guidance Group (CCGG)

The CCGG was established by Council to support the AI to provide effective guidance and training to Members on applying the Code of Conduct and ethical decision making in practice with the introduction of the current principles-based Code of Conduct in 2020. 

The CCGG does this by identifying areas where guidance would help Members thinking about the Code and ethical issues that arise in actuarial practice, developing and promoting CPD of a broader professional nature beyond actuarial techniques and analytics, and liaising with comparable overseas actuarial bodies to share materials and identify and promote initiatives.

The CCGG meets for an hour most months and is supported by the Institute’s Executive General Manager, Services. It reports to the President and Vice-Presidents. The CCGG strongly supports recruitment that seeks to improve diversity to reflect the Member base.

About you

You are a Member who has an interest in how actuaries deal with ethical and professional issues. You think broadly and strategically, and enjoy thinking about how to engage peers in imaginative ways that ensure the Code of Conduct helps Members in addressing the needs of their clients and the broader community in the way they practice the profession.  


Members interested in this role are requested to provide a short statement (one-two pages) regarding their interest and qualities/experience relevant to the role, as well as a short CV to Stuart Turner.

This page will be updated regularly with new and existing vacancies. In the meantime, please send any volunteering expressions of interest to volunteers@actuaries.asn.au